The Festival of Live Digital Art - FOLDA - presents LUCY AI by bluemouth inc & Reimagine AI

Visual Art
The Art and Media Lab
FOLDA Festival of Live Digital Art

LUCY AI is a collaboration between Lucy Simic and her Toronto-based interdisciplinary performance collective bluemouth inc. and Montreal artificial intelligence company Reimagine AI. Lucy and David Usher, the founder of Reimagine AI have been close friends for 3 decades since they first met as students while studying modern dance at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. 

In 2018, at the age of 49, Lucy was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. A rare and terminal form of lung cancer called ROS1 that commonly occurs in young women who are non-smokers. David was deeply impacted by the news and began wondering how his company Reimagine AI, might be able to use its technology to create an AI, a poetic, visual archive of his friend’s life and career as an artist. 

With LUCY AI bluemouth inc and Reimagine AI are creating an immersive multimedia experience where they invite participants to talk to Lucy AI, and then see into her memories, into her mind.

This exhibition is the story of Lucy’s life told through a collage of film, music, and movement powered by artificial intelligence. 

LUCY AI welcomes noises, movement and devices in a relaxed environment and offers a private space to relax in if needed.