The Festival of Live Digital Art - FOLDA - presents Mash Up: Explorations of Creative Access in Performance Art

Principal Emerita Karen Hitchcock Recital Hall
FOLDA Festival of Live Digital Art

This Disability-led collaboration explores creative accessibility in aerial arts and music with a mash up of digital technologies and in-person tools. 

 How can we create more welcoming environments for Disabled, Deaf, and hard-of-hearing artists and audiences? 

How can digital offerings be more engaging and support folks who can’t participate in person? 

These are just a few of the inquiries of Mash Up. Audiences are encouraged to join the dialogue at the end of the presentation.  

Created by: Erin Ball, Maxime Beauregard, Andrew Heule, Gaitrie Persaud-Killings, and Jaideep Goray 

Access Notes 

  • Watch/Listen Party for Blind and Low Vision hosted online from 6:15pm ET 
  • ASL Interpretation online and in person 
  • Captions are available on the Livestream, online 
  • Relaxed Environment – Noises, movement, devices, snacks permitted and a private space to relax in if you need it.  
  • Service animals always welcome – Visual Guides available in person 

For more information on Accessibility, visit Contact FOLDA’s Access team to reserve seats, services or spaces, or for more info at / 1-877-FOLDA-24