My Experiments in Hope by Evan Sharma - ARTIST TALK

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My Experiments in Hope by Evan Sharma - ARTIST TALK

Co-hosted by Blake Wynn, entrepreneur and art collector

Evan Sharma is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of art and science. At the age of twelve, he was the youngest artist to be accepted into Canada’s largest juried art show. Evan has used his art to help others, including having funded over 140,000 meals for Kenyan children. His exhibit, including pieces from the 2050 Series, envisions the future of iconic landscapes, contingent on global adoption of green technologies. Evan's conversation with award-winning entrepreneur Blake Wynn delves into "My Experiments in Hope," his doctrine that positions art as a conduit for change. Join us for an event weaving creativity, social impact, and the language of hope into a remarkable tapestry.