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Jennifer Velva Bernstein Performance Hall
Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Based on Kim Thúy's Governor General Award-winning novel about a Vietnamese family's journey to new lives in Canada after the fall of Saigon, this stunning feature by writer-director Charles-Olivier Michaud captures the pain and disorientation of forced migration with uncommon power and grace. It's also anchored by the astonishing performance of first-time actor Chloé Djandji as Tinh, a quiet and observant girl who's just as perceptive about the peculiarities of life in Quebec as she is about the struggles of her parents, who must also adjust to far humbler circumstances than they previously enjoyed as members of Vietnam's upper class. What goes largely unspoken but becomes increasingly clear is the effect of the horrors Tinh and her family witnessed in Vietnam and during their perilous escape. Though images of these hardships make a strong impact, the film maintains a dreamlike atmosphere that affectingly conveys its young heroine's state of mind.

RU Trailer | TIFF 2023