Sandra Valente Roscher
Sandra Valente RoscherEmployee and Labour Relations Advisor
I thrive by focusing on a healthy work/life balance. The balance is a combination of what is most important to me, family, friends, health, career, personal growth and laughter. I try to ensure that my week consists of all of these elements.
Procurement Department
Procurement Department
The Procurement Department enjoying hot chocolate on a Thrive break
Sydney DowneyManager
Return to Work & Accommodation Services
Thriving to me is finding appreciation in what I have and the ability to stay present in the moment. It is about connection both with myself and with others. At work I Thrive by working with people on plans that make a difference either in their own lives or on campus. Laughter is an important part of daily work in my office and I love to surround myself with things that make me smile, such as photos, inspiring messages and my Thelma and Louise poster. I love the outdoors and have made a point of bringing some of the outside into my working space in the form of plants, rocks, and sunlight. Not all days are great, and if things are feeling a little tense, I make sure to take a short walk outside or listen to a great Songza playlist to unwind. In addition, my work team makes a point of going to the gym at lunch and I find taking this time definitely makes a difference in my focus, energy and resiliency for the afternoon.

Balance is key to maintaining my mental health and it is for this reason that I try my best to unplug from work when I get home. I am currently developing a meditation practice, I enjoy knitting and I am learning how to quilt. I’m a ukulele beginner, I love a home cooked meal, a music festival, and a good book.

Angela Geris
Angela GerisSpecialist
Return to Work and Accommodation Services
I thrive by making physical exercise a part of my daily routine, a mid-day break helps me to de-stress and boost my energy levels for the afternoon.
Thrive Running Group
Thrive Running Group
Staff at Queen’s after participating in a Thrive run!
Students at Queen's Thrive in the Adult Ball Pit!
Students at Queen's Thrive in the Adult Ball Pit!
Heather Shields
Heather ShieldsDirector and Counsel
Employee and Labour Relations
I thrive by making it a priority every day. I try to eat only healthy food, I take quality supplements and I schedule time in my calendar for challenging workouts. Ensuring that I get enough sleep is critical and for me healthy food, supplements and exercise leads to great sleeps. Thriving is the number one commitment that I have made to myself, because if I’m not thriving neither will my most important relationships or my work, the other two priorities in my life. Planning for really great family vacations gives me something to look forward to when all that thriving seems like too much work.