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Any Queen’s groups, staff, or faculty members are invited to register as a Thrive partner.

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What does it mean to become a Thrive partner?

Queen’s Thrive is a campus-wide initiative designed to promote positive mental health for all students, faculty and staff. Thrive exists to encourage dialogue about balance, community engagement, social support, and healthy lifestyle choices.

By partnering with Thrive, you or your group can contribute to this dialogue and support positive mental health at Queen’s.

Type of Partner

What’s Involved

Event Lead

Run an event in your department, plan an event in your department, run a workshop, or let Thrive use your space for an event.

Event Host/Volunteer

Download the 2018 Host Worksheet, Attendance Sheet, and host your own Thrive event.

Committee Member

Participate in our committee to plan the annual Thrive week.


Donate to fund a specific event, activity or speaker. Donate prizes or supplies.

Tools to help you get involved with Thrive