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NEW as of August 29, 2018 - Researcher Portal - TRAQ DSS

Project Sponsor info Adjustments

Award files are available via TRAQ Researcher Portal

In January 2014, Queen’s launched a new Awards (Grants & Contracts) module within the Researcher Portal. The TRAQ DSS FORM and Agreement Review form became available on March 26, 2014 which replaced the legacy electronic award application system (Data Summary and Signature System – commonly referred to as DSS). Existing approved files have been migrated and are visible to researchers through the Researcher Portal.

What are the features?

In addition to existing DSS functionality, the TRAQ Awards module also includes the following enhanced features:

  • PI's may list multiple research team members, who will not only have access to viewing the entire file, and its attachments, but also edit access before the PI submits the application for approval;
  • Researchers have the ability to attach documents (i.e. grant proposal, agreements, budgets, etc.) to their applications;
  • Researchers are able to list multiple sponsors for a single award application;
  • Since certifications (human ethics, biohazards) are also available through TRAQ, applicants are able to link any required certification directly to the award file;
  • Event forms allow for management of file modification in the post award period;
  • Both workflow approval and project logs are kept in pre and post award periods;
  • Central research administration staff can communicate with the Principal Investigator and project team members internally within the system.

How do I access the forms?

As a member of the Queen’s research community, you are able to access the forms by logging into MyQueensu/SOLUS directly from using your NetID and password. From there, a direct link to TRAQ Researcher Portal can be found in the bottom right-hand toolbar of the MyQueensu/SOLUS Portal. Once in the TRAQ Researcher Portal, click on “Apply New” and select the appropriate form based on the information description.

How can I learn how to use them?

Many training resources are available to the research community including manuals, videos and webinars. We invite you to download role based training manuals from our website, watch our instructional videos on YouTube, or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and training courses available. Our Training Coordinator can be reached at extension 78426 or by email: for personalized training.

Who can I contact if I have questions about using the new forms?

We have a dedicated Helpdesk to support the research community at Queen’s. Users can reach us by calling: (613) 533-6000 ext. 78426, emailing:, using our web form to submit an issue through our Online Support Centre, or in person at University Research Services located on the 2nd floor of Fleming Hall, Jemmett Wing.