Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

Awards Training Manuals

TRAQ Awards - Researcher User Manual (2MB) - updated September 2018

TRAQ Tips - Save and Close

TRAQ Upgrade February 2017 - Researcher Portal Revised Home Screen

TRAQ Awards - Completing, Submitting and Re-Submitting Event Forms User Manual  (1 MB)

TRAQ Awards - Department Heads/Faculty Signing Authority User Manual (1 MB)

TRAQ Awards - Hospital Operational Directors (HOD) User Manual (1001 KB) - updated September 2020

TRAQ Awards - Submitting a Research Accounting Form User Manual (574 KB) - This user manual is intended for PI's who need to submit a Research Accounting Form prepared by a Research Assistant, or other project team members. It is important to remember that, while any project team member can create and complete the Research Accounting Form, the PI must be the one to click the submit button. *This manual will be updated shortly based on the latest TRAQ upgrade.