Tools for Research Administration at Queen's


"With colleagues in Halifax I have been attempting to conquer the  very considerable complexities of developing an NSERC Team Discovery Grant for the 2015 competition (and the  NSERC on line system that supports it).  The assistance provided to us through  the TRAQ System, and in particular  by Vera  Kettnaker and her colleagues behind the scenes has been exceptional. We would undoubtedly have failed without them."

- Bill Leggett, Department of Biology

"The TRAQ system does a lot and so necessarily has some complexity. The training session is very well designed, as is the associated handout. I recommend it to my fellow researchers new to TRAQ. Here is a key feature: It will save you time."

- Gregor Smith, Professor, Faculty of Arts & Science/Economics

“I attended the training session by Ingrid Gagnon and Diane Davies for the TRAQ DSS Form. I was applying for a grant and was not well informed about the TRAQ system. The training session was extremely helpful to me during the application process. The training was well prepared and customized to the specific audience in the room. I would recommend these training sessions to anyone who is pressed for time because I knew exactly what to do and how to do it after the training session.”

- Arcan Nalca, Assistant Professor, School of Business