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Video Description

Training Video for Reviewers of Queen's Internal Grant Applications

(Best viewed in 480p) This video tutorial is intended for anyone who has been assigned to review TRAQ DSS Forms for the purpose of adjudicating Queen's internal grant competitions such as Queen's Research Opportunities Funds (QROF). Please note:  legacy SARC application has been used in this video as an example but review processes remain the same.

Research Accounting Form - Where is it? How do I complete & submit it?

This video tutorial will walk TRAQ users through the process of locating, creating and submitting the new event called Research Accounting Form. This form must be submitted by PI's at the request of Research Accounting. Within the form, users will find the Final Budget Template, as well as the Signing Authority Form, which must be completed and attached to the Research Accounting Form.

How to Save and Close an Application This video will teach you the proper way to save and close your TRAQ applications (Human Ethics, Biohazard, Awards) without locking your project team members out!

Submitting and Tracking Event Forms

This video tutorial will teach users how to submit and keep track of their Event Forms.
Transferring PI Role This video tutorial demonstrates how to transfer the PI role from Research Coordinator to Researcher.
Video tutorial for Department Heads & Faculty Signing Authorities This video tutorial is intended for Department Heads, and Faculty Signing Authorities at Queen's University, who will be required to review and approve TRAQ DSS Forms. (For best results view in 720HD)
How to Complete a Budget Template This video tutorial will teach users how to complete a final Budget Template and Signing Authority Form. Both forms should be completed and attached to Research Accounting Event form within TRAQ. This video has been provided by Financial Services. If you have any questions related to the content of this video, please contact Financial Services at tel: 613-533-2050  or emails: or