TRAQ DSS form General Checklist

Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ) Data Summary and Signature form (DSS) is a digital form used for all Grants, Contracts / Agreements and Hospital-based research.

Checklists change based on the program and the information needed for funding. Please view the program-specific TRAQ DSS forms on the Awards Supportive Documents page or follow the steps below if one is not available. 

Recommended browsers for TRAQ:  Mozilla Firefox,  Chrome,  Edge.

 TRAQ does not save automatically. Click the Save button before moving on to the next tab.
 Do not enter < or > symbols into any text field or use your browser’s back button.

Getting Started…

  1. Log into MyQueensU/SOLUS portal (, scroll down to Research Applications, click on TRAQ Researcher Portal link. Enter your Queen’s Net ID and password when prompted.
  2. Click Apply New
  3. Under Awards, click TRAQ DSS FORM
  4. Complete the different tabs of the TRAQ DSS FORM, as described below

Project Info tab

  1. Give your project a title
  2. Do not enter the start & end date
  3. If your project has an international dimension note the name of the country in the Keywords textbox 
  4. If certifications are required for your project, click Search under Related Certifications to link your certifications (human ethics/biohazards) to your project if the certification is already active, or in progress
  5. Under Related Certifications, click Add New to make note of any required animal care certification

Project Team Info tab

  • For researchers with cross-appointments: using the Affiliation drop-down menu select the department/research centre where the project will be taking place
  • To transfer the role of PI, click Change PI, search for PI, click Select once PI is identified
  • To add team members, scroll down, click Add New under Other Project Team Members*, click Search Profiles, search for team members, click Select once a team member is identified

* Project Team Members that are external to Queen’s, may be added in the Comments box (under PI information). However, any team members who should have access to the TRAQ DSS Form through the Researcher Portal should be added to the Investigator Database and added to the file under Other Project Team Members. To add an external user to the Investigator Database, please email the TRAQ Help Desk.

Project Sponsor Info tab

  1. Click Add New to add sponsor
  2. Click Agency and search for the agency by typing any part of the agency name in the Agency Name text box, click Search and Select applicable agency.
  3. Select: an applicable program from Program dropdown menu
  4. Use the calendar icon to enter Competition Date. If Competition Date is not specified, select the current date.
  5. Use the calendar icon to enter the anticipated Start Date
  6. Use the calendar icon to enter the anticipated End Date
  7. Click GENERATE, this will create a disbursement table. Please populate Total Requested Cash ONLY in the first disbursement row.


  • Answer the questions on sub-tab 1, 2 and 4. (Do not complete sub-tab 3, this sub-tab only needs to be completed for hospital-based projects.)

Attachments tab

  • Attach any document(s) identified on the Checklist sub-tab of the TRAQ DSS FORM such as:
    proposal, agreement, budget/budget justification, signing authority form etc.
  • Click Add Attachment.

If your grant is awarded ensure you have uploaded a copy of the Notice of Award/funding letter.


  • Skip this tab – Approvals tab only needs to be completed for hospital-based projects.

If needed:

  • Click Submit button at the top of the screen when ready (Important: PI is the only team member who has access to the Submit button.)
  • Enter the comment (e.g. “Please review.” “For your consideration”) in the Comments text box, click the Submit button either at the top or bottom, of the pop-up window.

  Who can I contact if I have questions about TRAQ?

Users can reach us by: