How to Manage Research Funds

Congratulations on your funding award!

Here are the next steps for managing your research funds:

  1. Log into the TRAQ Researcher Portal
  2. Find the TRAQ DSS that was created at the submission stage in order to upload your Notice of Award:
    • Click on Applications: Post Review
    • Select Create Event
    • Click Amendment Form from the Create New Event table
    • Complete the questions on the Amendment Form tab
    • Attach the award letter
    • Double check that all certifications are active and have been attached to the TRAQ DSS
    • Click save
    • Click Submit

      If you did not create a TRAQ DSS at the application stage, please do so now. Click here to create a TRAQ DSS
  3. Ensure any certifications (e.g. animal care, human ethics, biohazard, cannabis) are attached to the TRAQ DSS Complete any certification processes that are required for your research project (e.g. animal care, human ethics, biohazard). Contact a research facilitator  when you have received all the required approvals. Funds will not be released until certifications are approved.
    Research Facilitators:

  1. It is important to note that some award letters are conditional (and have next steps for the PI to complete prior to the funding agency issuing the final Notice of Award).  For example: Mitacs will issue a Conditional Notice of Award stating that the PI must confirm internship start dates and that the partner funds must be received prior to releasing funds.  Once this is confirmed and partner funds are received a second letter will be issued and will include project start and end dates, the amount awarded and a payment schedule.  Research Facilitators will not be able to finalize the TRAQ DSS and assist with opening a research account until the FINAL NOA is received. 
  2. All certifications (i.e. Human Ethics, Biohazard, Animal Care and Conflict of Interest) must be in place prior to the Research Facilitators finalizing your TRAQ DSS and handing it over to Research Accounting.
  3. In addition, if a contract is required as well it must be fully executed prior to release of funds.  Mitacs Elevate and Accelerate programs, NSERC Alliance and SSHRC Partnership grants all require an IP Agreement with the partner.  The Research Facilitators will coordinate with the Research Legal Services (RLS) to draft this IP Agreement.  Once a reviewer has been assigned by RLS you will be notified and will be updated through the stages until the agreement is fully executed.
  4. A research facilitator will send all the required information to Research Accounting  to have your project set up for you. You will be cc’d on this Release of Funds email.  Research Accounting will follow up with an additional email requesting a full budget and signature authorization form from you as well as instructions on how to upload this. 
  5. Research Accounting will email you the PeopleSoft Project (Account) details within 10 business days of receiving the two forms.
  6. For institutional grants, you will receive an Award Agreement from the Research Services institutional programs departmental coordinator. E-mail approval is required to initiate PeopleSoft Project set-up at Queen's Research Accounting.  
  7. For CFI awards, a finalization meeting will be set up to explain the next steps. You will be contacted by your research projects advisor about annual reporting requirements. Annual reports are submitted by Research Services; annual/bi-annual financial reports are submitted by Research Accounting.