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With the successful launch of the TRAQ Awards Module on March 26, 2014, the TRAQ Advisory Committee has been disbanded. This information is for reference only.

TRAQ Advisory Committee   - Disbanded

TRAQ Advisory Committee wiki

The TRAQ Advisory Committee provides senior level direction, leadership and oversight.  Its membership comprises:

Karina McInnis Executive Director, University Research Services
Jennifer Clark (Facilitator)  Project Manager – Research Administration, TRAQ Project
Roger Deeley Vice-Dean of Research, Health Sciences (Designate: John Fisher)
Jay Handleman Vice-Dean of Research, School of Business (Designate: Annette Lilly)
Don Klinger (Interim) Vice-Dean of Research, Education
John Smol Faculty member, Biology
Sam Basta Faculty member, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences & Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Peter Thompson Faculty member, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Joan Sharpe Centre for Surveillance Studies
Veronica Harris-McAllister KGH KARI
Joe Downey Department of Urology
Heather Woermke University Controller
Mary Purcell Director, Grants & Institutional Programs, URS
Jim Carse IT Services Representative
Mark Kerr Queen's University Communications
TRAQ Team Members