Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

GREB Training Videos

Video Description
How to Save and Close an Application This video will teach you the proper way to save and close your TRAQ applications (Human Ethics, Biohazard, Awards) without locking your project team members out!
Submitting and Tracking Event Forms This video tutorial will teach users how to submit and keep track of their Event Forms.
Transferring PI Role This video tutorial demonstrates how to transfer the PI role from Research Coordinator to Researcher.
General Research Ethics Board (GREB) - Event Forms This video tutorial will teach users how to access Event Forms, which form they should use and when, and how to complete an Event Form. 
Selecting Unit REB Affiliation when Submitting GREB Application This training video is intended for researchers who are completing the GREB application and who are appointed or cross-appointed with the following departments/schools: Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Geography, Global Development Studies, Music, Policy Studies, Political Studies, Psychology, Sociology, School of Business, School of Kinesiology, School of Urban and Regional Planning, or the Faculty of Education.