Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

Dear Queen's University Faculty and Administrators,

We would like to introduce you to Faculty180, a new software tool that provides Queen’s faculty, librarians, and archivists with a convenient single place to keep a record of and manage CV type information such as professional achievements, publications, research funding, and administrative service to the university. As well, faculty, librarians and archivists may opt to use the Faculty 180 tool (i.e. it’s voluntary) to submit their Annual/Biennial Report on or before February 1, 2017.

A few of the benefits of Faculty180 include:

  • User-friendly interface where faculty can maintain CV information.
  • Two-way integration with the Canadian Common CV.
  • Various formats in which a CV can be generated and customized depending on the requirement of research funding agencies or internal University requirements.
  • Straightforward import functionality of citation information and publications from databases such as PubMed, Web of Science, MLA International Bibliography, Google Scholar, etc.
  • Streamlined evaluation process for annual/biennial reviews.
  • Faculty members can grant other Queen’s employees access to their account, which would allow other Queen’s employees to input information and minimize workload for individual faculty members.

Several Queen’s administrators and numerous faculty members, librarians and archivists have already received training on Faculty180. Additional training sessions will be available throughout November, December, and January for those who opt to use Faculty180 to submit their Annual/Biennial Report by the February 1, 2017 deadline. The training schedule and registration details will be communicated shortly. Departments, schools, or non-departmentalized faculties that wish to schedule a training session for their members should communicate with their senior staffing officer as soon as possible.