Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

March 26, 2014 Queen’s University transitioned from the Data Summary Signature System (DSS), an electronic pre-award tool, to a pre and post awards management module integrated with human ethics and biohazard certifications. Researchers can now access the TRAQ Researcher Portal directly from by selecting MyQueensU/SOLUS from the login drop-down list and scrolling to the bottom right corner of their portal.

Because the new system has the ability to attach documents and add team members to research projects, University Research Services and Research Accounting have worked together to streamline the award lifecycle at Queen’s and request required information at the appropriate timeframe.

Researchers will now be asked to indicate only the total amount requested from the agency/sponsor at the time of submission. Unless required for Hospital Operational Director or Department Head approval, PI’s will now be asked to provide a budget breakdown only when an application is successful.

Event Forms

To handle the post-award administration of your research files, we have introduced a new concept, event forms. Event forms allow researchers to request amendments to their active grants and agreements as well as submit their final budget and signing authority form to Research Accounting for active award files. Event forms can be accessed and completed by any member of the project team. However they must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI). Any event form submitted by a project team member will not be accepted. Please consult the researcher manual on Completing & Submitting Event Forms for further information or sign up for training sessions.

Research Accounting Event Form

Once your agreement has been executed or a grant has been successfully awarded and all certifications are in place, Research Accounting will send you a notification informing you that a completed Signing Authority form and detailed budget is required to set-up your PeopleSoft Project. This will be accomplished through the Research Accounting event form process. For your convenience, these two templates have been added to the attachments tab of the Research Accounting event form for easy retrieval. Once the PI has submitted this event form, you will be able to track its progress until project set-up through your file’s workflow and project logs. Finally, Research Accounting will send a confirmation email to the PI, research coordinator and department head once the project has been set.

Budget Reconciliation Responsibilities

Through the use of the budget template, your awarded amount has been clearly allocated into appropriate budget line items within the PeopleSoft financial system making it easier to reconcile your statements on a monthly basis. FAST Financial Reporting, a new tool aimed at improving financial reporting functionality, is now available for use by PIs and their research team. Instead of waiting for month-old Statement of Operations – Research reports on the Queens portal, the Project Summary report can provide data on your project that is at most 24 hours old.

Research Accounting will continue to provide financial training and resources. For technical support and information regarding the electronic system and forms, we have a dedicated Helpdesk to support the research community at Queen’s. Users can reach us by calling (613) 533-6000 ext. 78426, emailing, using our webform to submit an issue through our Online Support Centre.