Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

A new management tool for research moves ahead

A new electronic system coming online over the next three fiscal years will facilitate more efficient and effective management of the university’s research enterprise, as well as providing effective tools to benefit researchers and those who support research.

“An electronic research management system will assist faculty members and other research personnel with a variety of administrative tasks resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining the highest standard of financial accountability and transparency expected by our funding partners,” says Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research). “The tools offered by a new system will also support the integrated and strategic planning that guide Queen’s research enterprise.

“We are particularly pleased with this important investment the university will be making to support research. Our dedicated team and in particular, Karina McInnis, Interim Director of Research Services, prepared a solid business case for the project,” Dr. Liss adds.

Faculty members and research personnel will benefit from the seamless portal and research specific functionality, including an appropriate user-oriented interface and financial reporting tool as a result of the new Tools for Research at Queen’s (TRAQ) system.

The Office of Research Services will oversee the system including supporting the required quality assurance processes and assisting researchers to use it. Project implementation will be guided by a strong management plan and team.

The TRAQ Advisory Committee includes faculty members, associate deans of research, the university controller, director of research services, and the project manager.

A TRAQ Working Group including representatives of each business unit involved will meet bi-weekly to discuss and resolve operational issues during the implementation phase.

The $3.46-million project will be funded from the university’s operating budget over the next five years.