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Compatibility issue in IE10

TRAQ system not compatible with IE10

There is a compatibility issue between the TRAQ system and new Internet Explorer 10. The software company Process Pathways is working on outstanding issues to achieve full compatibility with IE10. In the meantime please use Mozilla Firefox or IE version lower than IE10. If you need to use IE10, please turn on Compatibility view before signing into the Researcher Portal.

TRAQ presents to Biohazard Committee

TRAQ presents to Biohazard Committee

There will be a presentation of the electronic biohazard form scheduled for the next Biohazards Committee meeting on January 30, 2013. The presentation will demonstrate what the forms will look like online, and give the committee an opportunity to comment or ask questions. 


TRAQ previously presented an overview of the online ROMEO system at the December 11, 2012 meeting.