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FAST report update: null values

USEFUL TIPS for FAST financial reporting #2 - Null values

Please read this update on null values and how it affects running your reports.

We've heard from the Queen's community and have made some improvements based on your feedback. There will be a change specific to how chartfields with no values are filtered and displayed in financial reports. This will be effective the week of July 28, 2014.

New financial reporting functionality: emailing pinned reports

USEFUL TIPS for FAST financial reporting #1 - Emailing pinned reports

If you have pinned reports you want to share, you can e-mail them to other employees within your institution. The reports are sent as links within the e-mail message. Because the employee you are sending the e-mail to will be prompted to sign in, they must already have access to the FAST application and the menu option for the report. If they do not have access to the FAST application, they will not be able to view the report.

University to launch new financial reporting tool

University to launch new financial reporting tool

Researchers, departmental administrators, business officers and admin staff will soon have faster and easier access to financial information following the introduction of a user-friendly financial reporting tool. The new financial reporting tool – Fast Administrative Support Tool (FAST) – will launch at the end of March.

TRAQ has moved to the 2nd floor of Fleming Hall, Jemmett Wing

The TRAQ Team Has Relocated!

Still part of University Research Services, the TRAQ team has relocated to the 2nd floor of Fleming Hall/Jemmett Wing. 

Our team of 7 are now all together: Jennifer Clark, Tom Herra, Ingrid Gagnon, Bill Dean, Andrew Beckett, Pat Ambrose and Traci Allen.

As we settle in we will continue to maintain our objectives of: