Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

Tools for Research @ Queen's

In spring of 2012, the Board of Trustees approved a business case for the revitalization of Queen’s electronic research administration systems. Because its goal is to provide utility for researchers and research administrators, the project was named Tools for Research at Queen’s (TRAQ).
The goal of the TRAQ Project is to enhance the research community’s productivity, while maintaining excellent levels of financial accountability and transparency to our funding partners. In other words, the goal of the TRAQ project is to make research easier to conduct at Queen’s. With less time spent on administrative tasks and a clearer picture of their research portfolio, researchers can focus on research, rather than research administration. 

The objectives of TRAQ include:

  • increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing workflow management,
  • enhancing current levels of customer service,
  • enabling flexible research project management reporting,
  • enhancing strategic and integrated planning capabilities,
  • supporting regulatory compliance and accountability, and
  • enhancing Queen’s University reputation.

The Project will enable the research community to manage daily research project workflow and provide an electronic communication platform between Research Services and Research Accounting business units.

The project involves upgrading or replacing several key components of the research administration system. The components of the TRAQ project, broken into separate modules, are the:

  • Awards Module
  • Certifications Module
  • CV/Annual Reporting Module
  • Financial Reporting Module