Bipolar calculator

Based on data from a 20+ year Canadian study of the children of bipolar parents, we developed an individualized risk calculator that was then independently replicated based on a similar longitudinal study of the children of Swiss bipolar parents. If you are a child of a parent with confirmed bipolar disorder, you may want to explore this individualized risk calculator. 

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Although this is an estimate that needs further study and refinement and depends on the accuracy of the data you provide, this risk calculator is more accurate for offspring of bipolar parents who are adolescents, or young adults, but not small children. This calculator is only an estimate of 5-year, and 10-year risk, based on research data and has a relatively wide margin of error, and does not replace clinical assessment. This risk calculator is not intended for use in those without a confirmed history of bipolar disorder in a parent.  It has not been studied in other at-risk or clinical populations to date.