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"Your success, your well-being"

Student well-being is essential to realizing your goals. We would like to understand if digital resources, with proven effectiveness for common health and well-being related challenges, are helpful to our students.

Currently, 3 digital apps are offered. Daylight (for anxiety), Digital CBTe (for binge eating), and Sleepio (for sleep) are available for students to improve symptoms for these various difficulties. These resources have been previously shown to have effectiveness in a general population of young people in a clinical setting in the UK. What we want to know is if these resources are acceptable and benefit students' well-being and mental health. 

View more details about the apps being offered here.

Please be assured that any data you provide us with, including your student number, used to link to university and academic data, will be held securely, de-identified, and with strict confidentiality. We are also collaborating with several external groups who host the digital resources being offered and will process the data you input into them. Your data will be held securely on their sever during the study, after which it will be complied, sent to our research group via encrypted files, and deleted on their end upon our request. Our collaborators acknowledge their requirement to: (i) comply with the applicable privacy legislation and (ii) maintain adequate safeguards and inform us if there is a breach of these safeguards.

  1. Visit the Digital Well-Being Resource platform.
  2. You will be prompted to create an account using your Queen’s email address on the i-Spero digital platform. This is a new digital technology that will provide access to the resources and administer the electronic research measures.
  3. When registered, i-Spero will present you with a Letter of Information and ask for your consent to participate in the study and use i-Spero. Should you consent, i-Spero will ask you to complete a brief electronic survey asking about your background and mental and included brief measures of well-being and levels of mental health symptoms. 
  4. Depending on the app you choose to use, you may be provided feedback or additional screening questions. Following this, you will be provided full access to the digital resource of your choosing through a link.
  5. As part of the research, i-Spero will ask you to complete additional brief study electronic questionnaires at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after you start using a digital resource.

The questions will ask about your experience of using the resource, in addition to reviewing your well-being and level of mental health symptoms.

Click here to view the letter of information for the research study component of the usage of the Digital Well-Being App.

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For more information about the U-Flourish Student Well-being Research, please feel free to contact the U-Flourish team at flourish@queensu.ca.

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U-Flourish has been continuously funded by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Rossy Family Foundation. We thank the following campus and community partners for providing FLEX credit and food incentives for the student engagement campaign: Queen's University's Division of Student Affairs and Domino's Pizza, respectively.  We also thank all Queen's University Professors, Departments, and student groups that have supported the U-Flourish’s student engagement campaigns.

For the development of the Digital Well-Being Platform, Online Mental Health Course, and integration of digital resources into student care pathways at Student Health Services, we have received funding from the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation.