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This Fall 2021, the U-Flourish research team in partnership with QSWS is evaluating digitally enhanced care to improve the student experience and outcomes. i-spero, is a new technology designed to help students monitor their well-being and symptoms of common mental health concerns. Changes in mental health symptoms students record at regular intervals are mapped over time and visually presented which helps students and care providers monitor changes in your mental health. Students can also add personalized care plans, including health and well-being activities, upcoming health appointments, prescribed medications, and more. Additionally, students can set reminders, receive automated messages based on their symptom entries and share their dashboard with whomever they want – family, and other health professionals (family doctor at home).  For students using i-spero as part of their care at QSWS, symptom ratings will be shared which will help QSWS mental health professionals track progress along with students while in care.  When you register for i-spero as part of your mental health care at QSWS, you can opt to take part in a voluntary research study so that we can better understand your experience using the technology.


Click the image below to register for i-spero as a patient at Student Wellness Services! Already have an i-spero account? Click here to login.

If you are NOT currently in mental health care at Queen's Student Wellness Services but are still interested in i-spero, you can use it as a well-being self-monitoring tool as part of a research project.  See the Digital Well-being Resources page to learn more! 

Click here to view the Letter of Information for the Digitally Enhanced Care research study. You can also use i-spero for Digitally Enhanced Care at SWS without participating in the research component. 

Participation in the research study will not affect the standard of care you receive. Students who do not wish to participate will receive care as usual at SWS, and can still use i-spero to help maintain their well-being. i-spero is also available as a self-monitoring tool for those who are not in care at Student Wellness Services (see the Digital Well-being Resources page for more information). The findings from this study will help us better understand the mental health care needs of university students and how these affect academic success. This knowledge will help us to improve resources and services to support students moving forward.

If you chose to participate in this study, you will be offered a $5 Starbucks e-gift card for completing questionnaires after 8 weeks. Students who complete the full 24 weeks of questionnaires can enter into a draw for a chance to win one of five iPads.

In between visits with your care provider at SWS, i-spero will prompt you to complete regular assessments to monitor your mental health and well-being. You can track your symptoms over time and consider reaching out to your care provider if you notice any concerning changes. You can also add care plans to help support your mental health and well-being, ranging from reminders to engage in healthy behaviours (e.g. physical activity), take your prescribed medication, and reminders for upcoming appointments. At your next visit with your care provider, you can review your care plan and progress together and discuss changes as necessary.

Yes, we are offering i-spero as a student well-being self-monitoring tool as part of a voluntary research project. This is separate from i-spero Digitally Enhanced Care, while still operating on the same platform. To find out more about i-spero well-being self-monitoring, please click here

Please note that in the self-monitoring stream, your dashboard and symptom ratings will not be shared with QSWS. However, if you return to using i-spero as part of your care at QSWS at a later date, all of the data you have entered previously (while in care and/or self-monitoring) will be once again shared and available to QSWS provider.

All students who register for i-spero Digitally Enhanced Care and make use of the tool for 8 weeks will be sent a $5 Starbucks gift card to their student email! Make sure to complete the satisfaction survey offered through i-spero after 8 weeks of use. Students who make us of the i-spero Digitally Enhanced Care platform for 24 weeks will be entered in a draw to win 1 of 5 iPads.

i-spero Student User Guide

Learn how to navigate and make the most use out of your i-spero student account!

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