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IDIS 199: The Science of Well-Being, Mental Health, & Resiliency is an online, for-credit course offered as an elective for all Queen’s undergraduate students. The course aims to improve understanding of the determinants of well-being and the importance for success at university. The course includes an optional research component, intended to evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of an online mental health literacy course in supporting student wellbeing through improved knowledge and positive behavioural change. Students who opt-in to participate in the research aspect will be credited with an additional 2% to their course grade to count towards a maximum grade of 100%.

You can choose to enroll in this elective course as you would for any other course during a valid course enrolment period. There is a voluntary research component of this course that will evaluate how well taking the course improves knowledge about well-being and mental health and if this knowledge translates into healthy choices in terms of supporting a healthy lifestyle. You will be provided specific instructions by the course instructor on how to participate in this research.

See the course description here.

IDIS 199: The Science of Well-Being, Mental Health, & Resiliency, is a course designed for undergraduate students across all programs. Topics include an overview of conceptual approaches to defining and measuring mental health, mental health problems and mental illness, the impact of sleep habits, distress tolerance and self-regulation on well-being, and an introduction to effective coping such as participation in arts and culture, exercise and recreation, and healthy lifestyle choices.

This course integrates evidence from clinical neurosciences, psychology, and psychiatry and has been designed to improve mental health literacy and promote positive change. In addition, this course will contribute elective units towards the completion of a Queen’s University undergraduate degree. We hope that the findings from this research will help develop and improve resources and services available to students to support them during their studies.


As preliminary findings or scientific publications become available, they will be posted here. 

Click here to view the letter of information for the optional research study component of IDIS 199: The Science of Well-Being, Mental Health, & Resiliency course.

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