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Promote Your Events

Please contact Anne Craig to assist you in promoting your event. To prepare, you can choose to download a media advisory template or public service announcement template below.

Media Advisory

This is a Who/What/When/Where approach specifically intended to alert the media to an event they might be interested in covering. It is intended as an invitation to reporters. It is usually sent out 8 to 10 days in advance of an event (earlier than that is unadvisable, as assignment editors rarely make decisions about what to cover more than a week in advance). It should contain contact information so that a reporter can get in touch with the right person to get more details if required.

  Media Advisory Template (DOC, 895.5 KB)

Public Service Announcement

This is a brief write-up about an event that is open to the public. It is intended as an item that newspapers or broadcast/electronic calendars can run as part of their regular round-up of what’s going on in the community. Policies of individual media organizations may vary, but most will only publish events that are free to the public (otherwise you may have to buy an ad). They should be sent to the media two or three weeks in advance of the event to ensure they make the deadline for weekly events columns.

  PSA Template (DOC, 895.5 KB)