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Write an Op-Ed

Op-ed editors are inundated with submissions. Your chances of being published depend on how relevant, concise and opinionated you are.

To increase your odds of having your op-ed printed:

  • Be relevant. Connect your piece to a topical issue in the news, a new government report, an issue of current public debate, new research findings etc.
  • Capture the reader from the outset.
  • Take a stand at the beginning. Outline the issues but come down strongly on one side.
  • Back up your position with factual, statistical info or direct personal experience.
  • By the second paragraph the reader should know where you stand.
  • Be personal and conversational not academic, distant, philosophizing.
  • Avoid jargon and insider terms. You will lose a general audience by using academic or technical language.
  • Use active language and avoid clichés.
  • End your piece by restating your argument in the strongest terms, and make suggestions for how to improve matters.
  • Be concise – no more than 800 words.


  • Include your full name, credentials and contact information
  • Send the op-ed within the body of an e-mail, not as an attachment
  • Put “Op-ed Submission” in the email subject line
  • Submissions need to be exclusive to one media outlet. Don’t send it to a second newspaper until you’ve been declined by the first one.
  • The media reserve the right to edit, condense or reject your contribution

Contact communications officer Anne Craig at 613-533-2877 if you want help submitting your op-ed or professional editing prior to submission. You can also email Anne at anne.craig@queensu.ca.