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A marketing / promotions tip sheet

A little “cheat sheet” from University Relations to help you promote your events throughout the year!

Queen's Visual Identity

Queen’s University has a protected mark that is trademarked and licensed and official Visual Identity Standards. A strong visual identity plays an important role in shaping the image of the university. Each time Queen's communicates with its audiences, we have an opportunity to communicate our unique character, mission and values.

When a brand is easily and consistently recognizable, it strengthens public awareness. The synergy created by visual consistency across faculties, departments, and programs builds awareness and profile for Queen's. As the university's visibility and profile grows, every program benefits.

Find Queen’s logo and font, along with other valuable information on the Queen’s Visual Identity website.


Red: #9d1939; Blue: #11335d; Gold: #eebd31

QueensU.ca Homepage Slideshow

If you have photos of VERY recent events that would be appropriate for our queensu.ca homepage slideshow, please use the “Submit a Photo” form found on Queen's homepage (the link is also available just below the slideshow captions).

  • Submit an original, un-cropped, high-resolution file
  • The photo should be of landscape orientation. (N.B. images are sized to 800 x 457 pixels when they are posted – which is close to a 2:1 ratio when we crop them.

Designing for Web and Social Media Platforms

When you design an event poster, think about digital platforms the poster, or the graphics within it, could be promoted on and ask the designer you are working with – or marketing coordinator if working with University Marketing – to design an image file that can be sized/cropped for....

  • QUEENSU.CA: Images for the homepage spotlight section are: 430 x 242 pixels
  • THE ISABEL (if your event is hosted there): The Performance page images on http://www.theisabel.ca must be loaded at: 800 x 607 pixels
  • TWITTER: Twitter in-stream photo is best sized at: 1024 x 512 pixels
    • Timeline Link Image (recommended when linking to a website) 1200 x 627 pixels
    • Timeline image (if no link is available) crop and size to 1200 x 900 pixels
    • Facebook Events header: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Facebook Cover photo: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Facebook Profile photo: 360 x 360 pixels
    • Anyone can post to the queensuniversity Facebook VISITOR POST stream
    • Story: 1080 x 1920pixels
    • Videos: up to 15 seconds
    • Image: 1080 x 1080

Facebook Events

To create a Facebook event:

  • Go to Facebook Events
  • Select ‘Create Event’ > ‘Create Public Event’
  • Fill in Event Name, Location, Frequency (start and end time) and Description
  • Add and event photo or video. For best results, choose a photo or video with an aspect ratio of 1.9:1 or 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Once everything is filled in select ‘Create’

Anyone can post their event to the Queen's University Facebook Page VISITOR POST stream.

If the event is made by a Facebook Page (rather than a personal user) you can request that the Queen’s University Page be a ‘co-host’. To do this when you are creating an event, under the ‘Options’ area enter the name “Queen’s University” and select the main Facebook page of the university. The admins of the Queen’s University Page Facebook will then be get a request notification which they can accept or decline.

If the event is made by a personal profile, email the name and URL of the event to social@queensu.ca for consideration to be added to the Queen’s University main Facebook Page list of events (i.e. Queen's will not be listed as a co-host).

Queen's Events Calendar

Post your event to the Queen's Events Calendar, which saw more than 300,000 pageviews in the last year.

If you don’t have access to post, you will need to register first with your Queen's NetID. Learn more about Queen's Events Calendar...



If you need to hire a photographer, a list of preferred photographers/vendors is available through Queen’s procurement services:


Queen’s Marketing has a “bank” of images that we can share with you free of charge. Wherever you use the photos, the photographer, if one is noted in the data for the image, should be credited.

Access the Image Bank. If you are a first-time users, registration is required.


If you are taking your own photos at an event, it is good protocol to let attendees know (by way of a sign, for example) that photos will be taken for promotional purposes. And be cautious about using photos of children – explicit permission is required from parents.

A standard Photo Release Form is also available through the Image Bank (see above), should you want to provide it to your own photographers.


We would love to post photos from shows/events to the Queen’s Flickr account please submit photos cropped and touched up as necessary (crop to about 1000 to 1500 pixels wide, generally), and include:

  • Name and date of event/performance
  • Names of persons depicted, or any pertinent production/performer information
  • Photographer name for proper crediting

Pitch a Story to the Gazette

Contact Andrew Caroll, Gazette Editor with your story idea. If you have a suitable photo to accompany your proposed story, please note that Gazette images are posted at: 600 x 400, but original, un-cropped, high-resolution images are preferred.

Writing Style

The Queen’s University Style Guide is designed to provide quick reference to important information about the university’s writing guidelines and writing style. It is meant to be a guide for university employees who are involved in disseminating information on behalf of their unit/department and/or the university, to clarify style and best writing practices, and improve consistency.



Marketing Services can also work with you on your video projects including strategy, creative development, freelance videographer coordination and scripting. Video projects generally take three to four months to complete and should be planned well in advance, to ensure videographer availability. Please contact us to discuss your project.


If you have a marketing video that is suitable for inclusion on Queen’s YouTube channel, is must be captioned (according to AODA legislation).

Queen's ITServices has a very inexpensive and quick captioning service:

  • $3.75 per minute of video/audio (price is subject to change without notice) rounded up to the nearest minute, plus $15 service fee for 1-5 video(s).
  • You will also receive a transcript for your video.
  • Additional charges may apply if media conversion and/or if faster turnaround is required.


We rotate videos on queensu homepage as regularly as possible. Videos can be shared there from various platforms. Contact us to suggest a video to profile.


To find the iframe code to embed videos in your webpages, open up the video in YouTube, click on Share and then select Embed. Be sure to open the SHOW MORE area, and make sure the check-box for “Show suggested videos when the video finishes “ is NOT selected.


For tips on uploading videos to Facebook visit the Facebook 'Help Center' , which explains things like how to add videos to Facebook, how to embed a video from Facebook onto a website, as well as maximum video length and sizing.



To advertise in the print issue of the Gazette, or in the print and online Queen’s Alumni Review magazine, contact Peter Gillespie.
Learn more about Alumni Review advertising...


Queen’s Marketing can also work with you to develop print advertising for any publication, both on campus and external to Queen’s.


Find information and templates for Media Advisories and public service announcements.

Social Media @ Queen's

If you have posted a promotional message on Twitter, we might re-tweet it from the Queen’s main Twitter account. Contact us with the details.
Consider reaching out to other people/accounts across campus to do the same! Search the social media directory for other accounts...

If your active account is not listed in the Social Media Directory, contact social@queensu.ca

See also: social media guidelines and resources to help you get started on social media. Once you have reviewed the information, you are welcome to contact University Relations for further guidance.