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University Research Services
University Research Services
Dear colleagues,

Your feedback is invited on the draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policyreleased in June 2018 for consultation. Please send comments to by July 20, 2018. Your feedback will be used to inform an institutional response. The Tri-Agency also welcomes comments directly from individuals.

The policy includes the following requirements for research data management (RDM):
  1. Institutional data management strategies;
  2. Researcher data management plans;
  3. Data deposit. 
Queen's has growing expertise and services to help researchers manage their research data and meet the draft requirements.
Institutional Strategy
In December 2017, Queen's launched a project to establish a digital planning framework, as the first phase in developing a digital strategy for Queen's driven by our core mission of learning and research. Under this umbrella, the Queen's Digital Scholarly Record Working Group Report (April 2018) provided a foundation for an institutional strategy for the dissemination of research results including the management of research data. The following principles were proposed to guide the university's institutional strategy: Value, Openness, Inclusivity, Collaborative platforms, and Engaged researchers (VOICE). Queen's University Library has completed local RDM surveys. The surveys were a national collaborative project with the Portage RDM Survey Consortia to understand researchers' practices and needs in order to develop services to support research data management. Local training is being developed to aid researchers in the management of their research data.
Data Management Plan and Data Deposit
Queen's University Library provides a Research Data Management Service that includes expertise, knowledge and consultation on data management concepts, plans and tools such as the Portage Network's DMP Assistant. The library also provides consultation and assistance for depositing data into institutional and disciplinary data repositories.
We welcome your comments.
Karina McInnis, Executive Director, University Research Services
Courtney Matthews, Head, Open Scholarship Services, Queen's University Library