University Research Services

University Research Services
University Research Services

Grants and Institutional Programs Unit

Are you...

  • looking for research funding, but don't know where to start or what strategies to use to maximize success?
  • trying to transfer grant funds to your collaborator at a different institution?
  • interested in finding and developing partnerships with various stakeholders?
  • planning to change your research priorities?
  • developing a program for international collaboration?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please browse our website for the information you need, call us to discuss your needs, and/or schedule an appointment - we would be more than pleased to meet with you.

What we do

  • Work with researchers to develop long-term research goals and strategies
  • Find opportunities to fund research
  • Build and manage research partnerships
  • Advise on how to write competitive funding proposals
  • Manage proposal submissions
  • Open new research accounts and verify that required certifications are in place
  • Liaise between researchers, funding agencies and other administrative units of the University
  • Provide information on research-related issues and act as an educational resource to faculty members, students, staff, funding agencies and others
  • Advocate with outside agencies on behalf of Queen's researchers

Important information on proposal submission

  • Read and follow the agency guidelines for submission instructions (e.g. electronic or hard copy submission, number of copies required, etc.)

  • Create a TRAQ DSS in TRAQ (Tools for Research at Queen's), and ensure the e-signatures of all appropriate institutional officials are in place no later than FIVE (5) business days prior to the submission deadline. Please be sure to upload the penultimate draft of your proposal and budget, as well as, the Signature Page if an institutional signature is required by the funding agency.

  • If the funding agency requires ORIGINAL signatures on a hard copy, it is the responsibility of applicants to obtain the signature of the relevant Department Head and, if required, Dean.  Once these signatures are obtained, the applicant is responsible for ensuring the requisite number of signed applications (hard or electronic copy, as required by the agency) are delivered to University Research Services at least FIVE business days in advance of the deadline for signature by the appropriate institutional signing authority.
  • If the application is being submitted in hard copy and multiple copies are required, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make copies. Note: URS will make copies for Early Researcher Awards (ERA) and Ontario Research Fund- Research Excellence (ORF-RE) applications only.

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