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University Research Services
University Research Services

How to Set-Up a new Research PeopleSoft Project (Account)

Inform University Research Services (URS) of your successful grant by: 

  1. Logging into your TRAQ (Tools for Research at Queen’s) file 
  2. Create an Event form
    1. Click Amendment Form from the Create New Event table;
    2. Complete the questions on the Amendment Form tab;
    3. Attach the award letter;
    4. Click save;
    5. Click Submit
  3. The appropriate Research Facilitator (RF) will claim your Event Amendment:

The Research Facilitator will finalize your TRAQ (Tools for Research Administration at Queen’s) file by inserting award amount and the award duration.  They will inform Research Accounting that the PeopleSoft project may be set-up and the funds released.  

If the research project requires certification for Ethics, Biohazards and/or Animal Care and this is not yet obtained your new project will remain pending until certification(s) are received.  When you receive your certification(s) notify the Research Facilitator or create another Event Amendment (described above)

Research Accounting will email you after they receive URS Release of Funds communication.  Their email gives instructions on how to complete & upload to TRAQ a Signing Authorization Form and a Budget Template Form.  Research Accounting will email you the PeopleSoft Project (Account) details within 10 business days of receiving the two forms.