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University Research Services
University Research Services

How to Transfer Grant Funds to a Co-investigator at another Institution

Inform University Research Services (URS) of your interest to transfer funds by: 

  1. Logging into your TRAQ (Tools for Research at Queen’s) file 
  2. Create an Event form
    1. Select Transfer Out from the Event Category pull down list
    2. Answer the 5 Custom Questions to the best of your ability;
    3. Click Save
  3. The appropriate Research Facilitator (RF) will claim your Transfer Out Event.
  4. The RF will create Queen’s template transfer of funds letter, then mail it to you with instructions to sign and email back to RF.
  5. RF will email the partially signed letter to the research office of the co-investigator’s Institution with instructions to sign and email back to the RF.
  6. When the RF receives the fully signed letter back from the other Institution, they will save the fully signed letter in your TRAQ file and email Research Accounting.  Once Research Accounting receives your original cheque requisition they will process & mail the cheque to the other Institution.

Original cheque requisitions need to be sent to Research Accounting, 3rd Floor Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street and copy sent to the Research Faciliator.

NOTE: allow 4-8 weeks for the Transfer of Funds process to be completed.