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For SSHRC researchers conducting health-related research, please become familiar with the following information found on SSHRC's website:

Guidelines for the Eligibility of Applications Related to Health

New regulations regarding subject matter eligibility for health-related research came into effect in 2009. The following are considerations when preparing or assessing the eligibility of the subject matter of applications related to health:

  • Investigators whose proposed research is health-related should consult CIHR's mandate first to explore eligibility.
  • CIHR has policies and procedures in place to adjudicate the full range of social science and humanities research proposals related to health research.
  • Research eligible under the mandate of CIHR will not be considered by SSHRC.
  • The use of social science or humanities theories, methodologies and hypotheses is, in and of itself, not sufficient to make a proposal eligible at SSHRC.