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University Research Services
University Research Services

R4R@Q: The Value of Academic Awards

Event Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Event Location:  Stauffer Library, Seminar Room 121

Time: 12:30-1:30

Hosted by: Office of the VP (Research), University Research Services (URS)


Kelly Blair-Matuk, Associate Director, Office of the VP (Research)

Mona Rahman, Coordinator, Research Activities and Communications, Office of the VP (Research)

For most academic researchers, the “bread and butter” comes from successful application for research funding. However, academic awards (along with other forms of promotion) represent a marketing exercise that can effectively launch academic reputation. Many early career researchers focus solely on publishing and grant applications, without understanding the impact that an award can make. More experienced researchers may not think a “prize” can have downstream positive impact, and most are unaware of the impact it can have on institutional reputation.

Kelly and Mona have a long history of working on academic prizes and awards.  In this session, they will outline the value of the award nomination process, and offer suggestions on how to best position oneself for success.

For questions, please contact Traci Allen. Please RSVP.

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