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R4R@Q: What Can Happen to Your Data – Stories from the Back Rooms!

Event Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Event Location:  Stauffer Library, Seminar Room 121

Time: 12:30-1:30

Hosted by: Office of Partnerships & Innovation, University Research Services (URS)


Margo Langford, Legal Counsel (Research Contracts)

Ricardo Smalling, Legal Counsel (Research Contracts)

Sarah Gauthier, Research Contracts Associate 

Gary Larsen, Research Contracts Coordinator

Research data exists in a rapidly changing landscape with new regulations that cross national borders, machine-enabled data collection and cross referencing creating both opportunity and risk and the emergence of ever-more sophisticated hacking tools.  Is it time to reconsider your data policies, practices and procedures?  

This session will focus on protecting research data to better understand why is it so valuable and ever-more at risk.

Including:  Is data considered Intellectual Property?  How do data and privacy breaches occur in academic environments?  How can you better protect research data?  Why are data clauses in research contracts so critical?  Why do international laws impact data created, collected and/or analyzed at Queen’s?

Participants at this session will:   

  • hear about real cases where Queen’s researchers have faced problems with data protection
  • learn the ins and outs of Study Data clauses in research contracts
  • be given a checklist to create better policies, practices and procedures for your research teams to improve data management
  • get an explanation of the global laws pertaining to privacy and data protection and the applicability to Queen’s research contracts

For questions, please contact Traci Allen. Please RSVP.

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