University Animal Care Committee

University Animal Care Committee

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University Animal Care Committee

All research and teaching involving the use of animals performed at Queen's University or carried out by Queen's University personnel (even at another institution such as during a sabbatical) requires prior approval of the University Animal Care Committee (UACC). This means that prior approval is required for all research or teaching procedures carried out by Queen's University personnel on animals that are:

  • housed in Queen's University facilities
  • housed in private facilities
  • collected in the wild
  • held in any facilities other than those of Queen's University

Our Objectives

  1. To ensure that the use of animals at Queen's University in research, teaching or testing meets or exceeds the standards of animal welfare established by the Animals for Research Act (Ontario), and the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).
  2. To teach and promote the ethical use and management of animals in research, teaching and testing by providing training opportunities to personnel engaged in the care and research of animals.
  3. To encourage good communication between animal users and the UACC, and to work with investigators and instructors to create a research and teaching environment that promotes animal welfare.
  4. To work with the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to ensure that all animal care facilities at Queen's University meet or exceed the standards of care set by agency guidelines and legislation, and to report accurate numbers of animals used in research and teaching to these agencies.

Terms of Reference for the UACC:

Terms of Reference - June 2016

About the University Veterinarian

The University Veterinarian is responsible for the direction of the care and use of animals at Queen's University. This includes monitoring animals and animal care facilities and providing veterinary services when necessary.

The animal facility managers in consultation with the University Veterinarian are responsible for the health and care of animals at Queen's University.

The University Veterinarian is always available for consultation and advice to all Investigators/Instructors using animals.

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