University Animal Care Committee

University Animal Care Committee

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General Tips

  1. All protocols must be completed in Topaz Elements.  All protocols must be submitted by the listed Principal Investigator.
  2. Please note that the protocol has not officially been submitted until you receive an email confirmation stating so.  The status of the protocol on the Dashboard will then change from Not Submitted or Returned for Modification to Submitted.
  3. Please ensure that protocols are submitted in a timely fashion to ensure no breaks in approval.  Meeting dates and submission deadlines are posted on the Website.
  4. Please contact the  UACC Coordinator for access to Topaz or if you need your password reset.
  5. All sections of the protocol must be completed.  Insert "N/A" where the requested information does not apply. All protocols undergo a preliminary review for completeness upon submission and incomplete protocols will be returned for modification.
  6. A protocol may cover multiple grants as well as the use of multiple species and procedures provided the scientific global aim is shared and the protocol is clear.

Topaz Elements User Guides

  1. Viewing Approved Protocols
  2. Creating Protocol Requests

Please see the sidebar for other instructions and tips relating to specific protocol actions.

Protocol Review Flow Charts