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Institutional Animal User Training

All personnel involved with the use of animals in research, teaching and testing must be adequately trained in the principles and ethical issues of animal care and use.

An appropriate training program is an essential component of any institutional animal care and use program. The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) has therefore developed a National Institutional Animal User Training (NIAUT) Program that has three components.

Two components of the NIAUT Program, the CCAC Guidelines on Institutional Animal User Training and the CCAC Recommended Syllabus for an Institutional Animal User Training Program, were approved by the CCAC Council on May 5, 1999 for mandatory implementation as of January 2003.

The third component of the NIAUT Program, based on the Recommended Syllabus, consists of a list of resource materials to support the development and implementation of the core and non-core topics of an institutional training program by the Animal Care Committee (ACC).                                                              

FAQ: CCAC guidelines on: institutional animal user training