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Sustainability in the Curriculum Sub-Working Group (Draft)

I. Mandate

To provide recommendations to ensure sustainability education is available and accessible to every student at Queen’s University, regardless of their chosen discipline.

The core work of this committee would include:

  1. To inventory and curate existing sustainability-themed course offerings and experiential learning opportunities at Queen’s and identify gaps in course and program content.

  2. To provide strategic direction and recommendations toward the development of existing of new sustainability learning activities.

  3. In recognition of our position in the broader ecosystem and in tandem with the sub-working group on campus and community engagement, to develop and strengthen connections with the City of Kingston, Sustainable Kingston, schools, conservation authorities, community/neighbourhood organizations and local non-profits that promote sustainable practices and enable the exploration of student learning opportunities with a social impact aspect.

  4. To identify and communicate actions required for the university to achieve its Climate Action Plan goals and create a sustainability culture as it relates to pedagogy.

II. Roles & Responsibilities

The sub-working group shall fulfill an advisory role and as such will review and provide advice to the Sustainability Working Group pertaining to sustainability in the curriculum.

The Chair will provide updates on the work of the sub-working group to the Sustainability Working Group.

III. Duration of Membership Term

Membership terms will be one, two or three years depending on member’s availability and to ensure continued continuity from year to year. 

IV. Subject Matter Experts

The committee may call in subject matter experts to help inform discussions.


Queen's strives to ensure diverse and equitable participation in its initiatives. The working group welcomes nominations from all interested members of the Queen’s community, and particularly invites nominations of women, people with disabilities, Indigenous community members, racialized community members, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. For more information or to submit a nomination, please contact us