CIHR COVID-19 Grant Extensions and Supplements

Quick Guide for Queen’s researchers

Updated November 9, 2020

This guide includes information pertaining to extensions and supplements provided to CIHR grantees

The COVID-19 trainee supplement has been approved and added to all eligible CIHR grants.


  • Authorization for funding letters were issued to eligible PIs who responded with their eligibility by the Thursday, August 13th deadline. 
  • The supplements did not require a new project account set up as they were added as a supplement to an existing grant. 
  • Research Services processed these automatically in the corresponding TRAQ DSS and notified Research Accounting to release the funds.  Budget templates not required.

PIs are responsible for Obtaining Attestations of eligibility from each person who they plan on paying from the supplement grant, and to keep a record of these attestations for Tri-Agency audit purposes.

  • As PI, you are responsible for acquiring and keeping record of attestation (electronic or paper) that trainees and research support personnel are eligible to receive funds.
  • Use this Attestation form template; one letter per person receiving stipend/salary support from your supplement grant(s). PIs can share this link, but the form needs to be downloaded and sent back to the PI once signed.
  • Attestation includes confirmation of not concurrently receiving support from other federal COVID-19 benefit, i.e. Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), or extensions of tri-agency scholarships and fellowships.
  • Research Accounting and Research Services are not asking for copies of these attestations at this time. 

IMPORTANT:  Failure to collect attestation forms from eligible research personnel paid from supplement funds may result in the requirement to repay these funds to the funding agencies, if audited.

Spending restrictions:

  • Supplement grant period: supplement funds may be spent on eligible expenditures for the period April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021. Unspent supplement funds must be returned to the funding agencies.
  • The supplement cannot be used for the remuneration of work directly associated with a program of study, as opposed to research, or for trainees who graduated in the spring of 2020.

Transfer of funds: Please submit an Event form- Transfer Out in TRAQ to initiate the process, if transferring funds to another institution if required.

  • This extension has automatically been applied to all CIHR active grants and does not need to be requested
  • This extension is in addition to the automatic one-year extension already available to all grants
  • End-of-grant final report deadlines are also extended
  • PIs should NOT contact the agency to request this extension
  • All questions should be sent to
  • Grant funding transfers to collaborators will be handled by the usual process; please contact Kelly Manuel at if a transfer of funds amendment is required on a sub-grant

Only available to bridge grant holders (awarded in the Fall 2019 Project Grant competition) who also applied to the Spring 2020 Project Grant competition.

  1. Anyone eligible for this extension has already been contacted by CIHR and will receive an amended Notice of Award (NOA) / Authorization for Funding letter
  2. Amended NOAs need to be uploaded in TRAQ using the Event – Amendment form
  3. Extension was equivalent to 6 months’ worth of the bridge grant
  4. Extension does not prevent researchers from applying to the Fall 2020 Project Grant competition

  1. One-year financial extensions are available to investigator-initiated research (IIR) grants scheduled to expire between June 30, 2020 and March 30, 2021, and held by researchers who also applied to the Spring 2020 Project Grant competition as a Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA)
  2. CIHR will contact eligible researchers directly
  3. Amended Notice of Awards (NOAs) need to be uploaded in TRAQ using the Event - Amendment form

  • For all award holders of programs covered by the Tri-agency Research Training Award Holders Guide ending between March and August 2020
  • A revised Authorization for funding letter will be issued if you have met the conditions and confirmed acceptance with CIHR
  • Revised Authorization for funding letters must be uploaded in the TRAQ DSS file using the Event – Amendment Form
  • If your award is for stipend only and is not recorded in a TRAQ DSS please email Monica Corbett