Further guidance on lab operations

Please note that statements on Research Facility Start-Up and Requests for On-Site Access were posted on April 23, 2020.


March 24, 2020

For COVID – 19 research impact: www.queensu.ca/vpr/covid-19

Given the recent declaration from the Province of Ontario to close all non-essential workplaces, we are requesting that you take action to limit any remaining research activity occurring in laboratories and facilities. Research conducted remotely is still encouraged. While organizations conducting research are being allowed to maintain certain aspects of activity, we are requesting, based on discussions with local public health authorities, the following:

All research occurring in labs and facilities that can be discontinued for the 14-day period requested by the government should be discontinued immediately. Any essential research activity in labs or facilities that cannot be shut down for the time window must be reported and approved by the Dean of your Faculty. Please visit Faculty websites for further guidance (links at left of this page).

I know many researchers have already modified their research programs and have decreased or ceased activity on campus. This is a call to those still engaged in lab and facility-based research to reassess, report your status, and undertake to stop operations for the 14-day period.

A Lone Worker Program is available to employees who are working alone on campus.  This service can be accessed by calling the Emergency Report Center (ERC) at 613-533-6080 or through the SeQure app  Details on this service can be found on the Campus Security and Emergency Services Website.

With this fluid situation please bookmark and visit this site for regular updates on the impacts to Queen’s research. The website aims to provide clarity and direction to support the continuation of the research mission.

We appreciate that the fluidity of the current situation makes for significant difficulties in planning research activities. For those of you who have questions or seek assistance, please contact research@queensu.ca. University updates will continue to be posted at https://www.queensu.ca/covidinfo/.