Dear Queen’s Research Community:

Following on the March 16, 2021 update to the research community, COVID-19 cases in the Kingston, Frontenac Lennox & Addington (KFL&A) region, and in the province in general, have been rising with particular linkages to Variants of Concern (VOC). 

The details below provide additional guidance/requirements for field research, in-person human participant research, and on-site activity in alignment with the Continuity of Research Planning. As cases rise, the research community should be prepared for the need to pause or slow certain activities further.

Field Research Activity

  • All field research that requires travel outside of the KFL&A region (even to other “green zones”) is paused until further notice 
  • Those who are undertaking approved field research activity within the KFL&A region are requested to undertake day trips only and to avoid stops/activity outside of the approved field work 
    • Given the concentration of new cases in the City of Kingston, we are being mindful of communities within the greater KFL&A region

In-Person Human Participant Research

  • Approved in-person activity needs to be limited to participants from KFL&A region only, with the following exceptions:
    • COVID-19 Research
    • Study involves in-person research where the participant is receiving a service that would be delivered/received regardless of the research (e.g., medical treatment)
    • Researchers currently in other regions or countries conducting approved in-person research, may continue, as long as they follow all applicable local public health directives and safety measures
  • Be extra vigilant with screening practices
  • Be prepared that further case escalation may require studies to be paused

On-Site Research Activity

  • Maintain current activity, however, you are encouraged to not add additional activity/people at this time even if capacity limits allow
  • Be extra vigilant with screening practices

Your Associate Dean of Research remains your primary contact for questions and in submitting proposals to engage in on-site, field and human participant research. Please visit the VP Research COVID-19 information page for further updates.

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