Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Big Data 175: "What is Big Data and Why Does it Matter?"

Public Lecture on October 4 in Goodes Hall Commons by IBM BigData and Competitive VP Paul Zikopoulos entitled "What is Big Data and Why Does it Matter?"The first of a series of events at Queen’s that explores the 3-Ds of Big Data: define, describe, debate. 

Define: Demystifying big data: where did it come from and what is it?

Describe: Delving into big data in various contexts: what are its common features? 

Debate: Deciding when big data is the right choice: what are the ethical questions?

The Big Data series is a 175th anniversary event that engages intellectually and practically with a major analytic development and pressing public issue, from multi-disciplinary and cross-campus perspectives.

Paul C. Zikopoulos is the VP of IBM's Competitive and BigData Analytics team. He is an award-winning writer and speaker who has been consulted on the topic of Big Data by the popular TV show “60 minutes”, advises various universities on their graduate analytics programs, and is named to over a dozen “Experts to Follow” lists in social media. Paul has written 19 books and over 350 articles on data. Find him on Twitter @BigData_paulz.

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