Dr. Cynthia Fekken

Cynthia Fekken

Research Integrity Officer


Dr. Fekken obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (1978), Master of Arts (1980) and Ph.D. (1983) degrees in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She joined Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, in 1983 and has since become a tenured Full Professor in the Department of Psychology. Since 2001, Dr. Fekken has held a variety of administrative positions, including Associate Dean (Studies), Associate Dean at-large, and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Arts and Science and Associate Vice- Principal (Research) for Queen’s University.

Dr. Fekken's research interests focus on personality theory and psychological assessment. She has published numerous book chapters and empirical papers in refereed journals. Her recent work has evaluated the subclinical aspects of personality known as the “Dark Triad”. Much of her research has evaluated the degree to which people's questionnaire responses can be trusted. Dr. Fekken has been a registered psychologist with the Ontario College of Psychologists since 1989 and has consulted about psychological assessment issues with numerous professional, governmental and community organizations.