Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Internal Award Recipients


Wicked Ideas

Inaugural Recipients
Investigators Project Title
David Lyon (Sociology) &
Dan Cohen (Geography and Planning)
Big data exposed: What smartphone metadata reveals about users
John Allingham (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences) &
Chantell Capicciotti (Chemistry)

Susan Bartels (Emergency Medicine) &
Stéfanie von Hlatky (Political Studies)

Joe Bramante (Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy) &
James Fraser (Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy)
Macro coherent quantum transitions in parahydrogen
Kevin Stamplecoskie (Chemistry) &
Cathy Crudden (Chemistry)
Immortal solar cells
Kerry Rowe (Civil Engineering) &
Fady Abdelaal (Civil Engineering)
Using cleantech to monitor geosynthetic liners in frozen grounds for sustainable development of sub-Arctic and Arctic mineral resources

Graeme Howe (Chemistry) &
Philip Jessop (Chemistry)

Solving the water-removal bottleneck in sustainable chemistry
Nora Fayed (Rehabilitation) &
Claire Davies (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)
Laurence Yang (Chemical Engineering) &
Pascale Champagne (Civil Engineering)
Reducing the greenhouse gas burden of livestock by harnessing carbon-neutral algae to produce milk.
Robert Colautti (Biology) &
Nader Ghasemlou (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences)
The E.D.G.E. of Lyme
Mark Daymond (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) & 
Suraj Persaud (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)
Materials performance in molten salt reactor (MSR) environments proposed for advanced nuclear systems
Heather Castleden (Geography and Planning) &
Diane Orihel (Biology)
The spirit of the lakes and all their relations: Two-Eyed Seeing in microplastics research


Queen's Research Opportunities Funds

Catalyst Fund
Investigator Department/Faculty Project Title


Grégoire Webber

Faculty of Law

Human Goods and Human Laws

Meredith Chivers


Racializing and diversifying sexual response: The effects of racial identification, emotional appraisal, and racial bias on the physiological and psychological sexual responses of Black and White women viewing racially diverse erotic stimuli.

Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

Geography and Planning

Started from the bottom: Youth social mobility and affective labour in Ibadan, Nigeria


Vicki Friesen


Using whole genome sequencing to help protect the potential of wildlife  to adapt to changing Arctic ecosystems, focusing on species important to Indigenous subsistence and culture  

Chantelle Capicciotti


Tartgeting Cancer Glycans with Imaging Probes - New Frontiers to Chemically Map Tissue Surfaces

Jennifer Day

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Investigation of sea stack stability in popular geotourism destinations, prediction of their structural collapse, evaluation of the effects of sea stack collapse on public safety, and forecasting risk associated with climate change evolution.


Nader Ghasemlou

Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, Biomedical & Molecular sciences

Circadian control of pain and neuroinflammation

Eun-Young Lee

School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Knowledge into action: Development of carbon footprint equivalences that incorporate lifestyle behaviours for dual benefits of environmental sustainability and human health

Susan Bartels

Department of Emergency Medicine

Improving Emergency Department Care Experiences for Equity-Seeking Groups in Kingston: A Mixed Methods Research Study

David Maslove

Critical Care Medicine & Medicine

Deep learning applied to high-frequency physiologic waveforms for the detection of atrial fibrillation in critical illness


Arts Fund
Investigator Department/Faculty Project Title

Artistic Production

Gabriel Menotti Miglio Pinto Gonring

Film and Media

Hollow constructions

Matthew Rogalsky

Film and Media

Highly Directional Loudspeakers: Research and Development for Distanced Sound Performance and Installation

Visiting Artist in Residence

Carolyn Smart

English Language and Literature

Writer-in-Residence for Queen's University: Kaie Kellough

Juliana Bevilacqua

Art History

Rosana Paulino: Project North-South Dialogues

Karen Dubinsky

Global Development Studies

Cuban Roots in Canadian Soil: Canada's Cuban Musical History


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Institutional Grant

SIG Explore Grant
Investigator Department/Faculty Project Title
Cynthia Levine-Rasky Sociology The Good Fight: Voices of Elder Activists
Theodore Christou Faculty of Education Map Making and Indigenous History Education: Supporting Reconciliatory Education by Visualizing Canada’s Indian Day Schools

Heather McGregor

Faculty of Education History Education in the Anthropocene
Grégoire Webber Faculty of Law Recovering the good in the law
Jennifer Hosek

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Cultures of Resilience and Fragility under Covid: Does Money Matter?

Leandre Fabrigar


Exploring Objective and Subjective Measures of Attitude Bases

Dan Cohen

Geography and Planning

The spatial implications of Bank of Canada’s COVID-19 response

Richard Ascough

School of Religion

Associations and Christ Groups under Roman Colonization: Assimilation and Resistance in the Western Provinces

Gabriel Menotti Miglio Pinto Gonring

Film and Media

Audiovisual-made Museums: An archaeology of video as an exhibition platform

Danielle Blouin

Emergency Medicine

Accreditation of Medical Education Programs: What are the Effective Components?

Heather Macfarlane

English Language and Literature

How to be at Home in Canada: Literary Land Claims in Indigenous and Diaspora Texts

Sergio Sismondo


Epistemic Corruption

Collin Grey

Faculty of Law

Humanitarianism and Deportation

Martha Munezhi

Policy Studies

Determinants of Self-rated Health in the Midst of Covid-19

Ian Robinson

Film and Media

Film and Placemaking

Ruqu Wang


Modeling International Trade Disputes

Marcus Taylor

Global Development Studies

Sustainability Transformations in Eastern Ontario Agriculture

Alison Murray

Art Conservation

Teaching Science to Art Conservation Students: Threshold Concepts as a Revitalizing Tool

Amanda Ross-White

Library System

Predatory, deceptive or imitation: What motivates publishers and editors on the margins of scholarly literature?

SIG Exchange Grant
Investigator Department/Faculty Project Title

Elizabeth Brule

Gender Studies Indigenous Resurgence, Decolonization and the Politics of Solidarity Work
Elizabeth Anne Kelley Psychology Utilitarianism: A New Strengths-Based Approach to ASD

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