Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Queen's Research Chairholders

This program has been discontinued.


Department Research Interests  
Dr. Keith Banting, CM Policy Studies Federalism and social policy
Dr. Julian Barling, FRSC Business Organizational behaviour
Dr. Jerome E. Bickenbach Philosophy  Ethical, philosophical, and legal issues in disability policy 
Dr. John Cartledge Electrical and Computer Engineering Fibre-optic communications
Dr. Jonathan Crush  Global Development Studies Migration and development
Dr. Andrew Daugulis Chemical Engineering Biochemical and cell culture engineering
Dr. Pierre du Prey, FRSC Art History of architecture in the classical tradition
Dr. Randy Ellis School of Computing New technologies for computer-assisted surgery
Dr. Janice I. Glasgow School of Computing  Computational imagery, biomedical computing 
Dr. Noel P. James, FRSC Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Carbonate sedimentology
Dr. Audrey Kobayashi Geography Cultural geography
Dr. Kurt Kyser, FRSC Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Stable isotope science
Dr. Rod Lindsay Psychology  Eyewitness identification 
Dr. Frederick P. Lock English Language and Literature Eighteenth-century British culture
Dr. David Lyon, FRSC Sociology Surveillance studies
Dr. Robert Montgomerie Biology Evolutionary ecology
Dr. M. Ram Murty, FRSC Mathematics and Statistics Analytic number theory, modular forms and elliptic curves
Dr. Guy Narbonne Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Paleontology
Dr. Christine Overall, FRSC Philosophy Feminist philosophy
Dr. William Paterson Division of Gastroenterology Esophageal motility
Dr. Bill Plaxton Biology Plant carbohydrate metabolism
Dr. Andrew Pollard Mechanical and Materials Engineering Computational fluid dynamics
Dr. Robert Ross Physical and Health Education  Obesity and metabolic disorders
Dr. Virginia Walker Biology Genetics and insect biology
Dr. Suning Wang Chemistry Inorganic materials and materials chemistry