RDN Onboarding Service Guide

What is the RDN Onboarding Service?

To facilitate participation in the RDN, the Onboarding Service will pre-populate profiles on behalf of researchers, removing the administrative overhead of creating the profile - this will ensure that researchers can enjoy the benefits of the RDN as quickly as possible!


The Onboarding Service will be provided both before and after the launch of the RDN, with profiles being created per the following schedule:

  • Pre-Launch (May - June 2021)*: Researchers at Queen's research centres and institutes, as well as faculty researchers hired since 2017. 
  • Post-Launch (June - August 2021): All other eligible researchers (i.e., faculty, post-doctoral, librarians/archivists).

*All profiles created in the pre-launch phase will only be available for access when the RDN goes live this summer - stay tuned for news on an official launch date!

 Want to Participate?

While the RDN project team will use best efforts to locate data for your profile, your input is welcome!

If you would like to direct the onboarding team to relevant data sources and/or validate your profile as it is built, please register via the brief intake form. 

RDN Onboarding Service Intake Form

 Onboarding Service Team

The RDN project team has hired a team of highly motivated Queen's students to build researcher profiles. These students will be supervised by the RDN project lead, and will receive specialized training in how to source and migrate researchers' information from existing online sources, such as Faculty or Department profile pages and/or other public profile platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, ORCID, etc.).

 Onboarding Profile Data

At minimum, your RDN profile will be pre-populated with the following data:

Section Description
Membership Information
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Faculty / Department
  • Profile photo
Research Interests These interests will be based on the Canadian Research and Development Classification (CRDC)
Research Description A brief description of your research

For a full listing of all available profile sections that may be populated for you, please see the Profile Sections information in the UNIWeb Help Centre.


Minimum Research Discovery Network Profile
Minimum Research Discovery Network Profile