Early Release of Funds

As per Queen’s Research Administration Policy  , researchers are required to obtain appropriate ethics approval, certifications or licenses before commencing research. As the administering institution, Queen’s must verify that certifications/approvals are in place before allowing access to research funds. Researchers are responsible for maintaining the relevant certifications and approvals for the duration of their research.

However, in recognition that not all research activities supported by grant funds require prior approvals/certifications, we have implemented an Early Release of Funds procedure in TRAQ. This procedure enables researchers to access a limited portion of the total research funds (max. one installment or year of funding) prior to acquiring the approvals/certifications required to conduct additional aspects of the research. The full installment/grant will only be released once all approvals are in place.  

Inform Research Services of your interest to request an early release of funds by

  1. Logging into your TRAQ   (Tools for Research at Queen’s) file 
  2. Create an Event form
  3. Select Early Release of Funds from the Event Category pull down list
  4. Answer the 5 Custom Questions
  5. Click Save
  6. The appropriate Research Facilitator (RF), will claim your Early Release of Funds Event
  7. The RF will contact you via TRAQ, letting you know if the request has been approved.
  8. The RF will notify Research Accounting so they can proceed with the set-up of the new People Soft project/account.
  9. PI must inform the RF (via email) once the required certification(s) are active, so they can release the remaining of the funds.