Researcher Metrics

Tracking your Research Impact

  • Researcher ID  is an ORCID  compliant tool based on Web of Knowledge.
  • It tracks citations of your work and helps with author disambiguation.

  • Altmetric  tracks Article Level Metrics (ALTMetrics)
  • It can also track your work in social media (such as using Twitter and Facebook)

  • International Standard Name Identifier  (ISO 27729)
  • This is the ISO certified global standard for disambiguation of people involved in the creation and distribution of creative works, including research.

  • The following article from Nature describes recent developments to increase recognition for researchers who do a lot of peer reviews, including some databases in which researchers can enter the amount of reviewing they do

  • The Library offers a Researcher Training Program . The program includes several short "self-serve" modules that focus on publishing, managing research data, and managing your research profile.