How to Transfer Grant Funds to a Co-investigator at another Institution

To initiate a transfer of funds request, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the TRAQ   (Tools for Research at Queen’s) Researcher portal
  2. Click on Applications: Post Review
  3. Click on the Events button to the left of the file no
  4. Under Create New Event, click on Transfer of Funds and the event form will open
  5. Answer the five questions on the Transfer of Funds tab
  6. Add any attachments, if applicable
  7. Click Save, Submit, Type a comment and Submit
  8. A Research Facilitator (RF) will claim your Transfer Out Event: 
  9. The RF will create Queen’s template transfer of funds letter, then email it to you with instructions to sign and email back to RF.
  10. RF will email the partially signed letter to the research office of the co-investigator’s Institution with instructions to sign and email back to the RF.
  11. When the RF receives the fully signed letter back from the other Institution, they will save the fully signed letter in your TRAQ file and will email you instructions to proceed via the AcQuire system.

If you have any questions, please contact your Post Award Research Facilitator