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BIOL 307/317: Assessment of biodiversity on aquatic ecosystems in Canada and China
2018 China Part 

Aug 13th –  August 25th 2018 inclusive (14 days, 3 Credit)  
Application Deadline: May 7th 2018

Course description 

This is a joint field courses between Queen's University and four Chinese universities on aquatic environments and biodiversity assessment. The course started in 2005 and runs annually alternating between Canada and China. This course will introduce students to the current environmental issues and conservation efforts in aquatic ecosystems in lower Yangtze River region in China. Seminars, guest lectures and field exercises and visits will provide students with not only first-hand experience in biodiversity and environmental assessment in aquatic ecosystems, but also insights into the interaction between human development and environment conservation.


We plan to travel along the lower Yangtze River from Wuhan to Shanghai with visit to research centres, WWF conservation sites, wetland restoration initiatives, famous historical and culture localities. By bring students from both countries together, we hope to facilitate the exchange of perspectives on environmental issues and conservation from different cultures and the learning of various techniques that can be used in environmental assessment and biodiversity surveys.

Estimated Cost

CAD$2300 + International airfare (estimated CAD$1500)

($350 deposit to home university at the time of application) including fees, 14 nights’ accommodation and board at QUBS.


Completion of 2nd year biology or environmental program or permission of the instructors.


12-14 students from OUPFB 
12-16 students from 4 partner Chinese universities (Tongji University, Fudan University, Southwest University, Beijing Normal University).


Course participation  (20%), Field Journal & Blog (20%), Seminars (20%), Final report  (40%)


Prof. Yuxiang Wang (Biology, Queen’s)   613-533-6134 yuxiang.wang@queensu.ca

Prof. Steve Lougheed (Biology, Queen’s) 613-533-6128 lough@queensu.ca


Internal Scholarship for this course NOT available yet.